Vida Verde Spa

The oasis of iridescent beauty, Vida Verde Spa is an indulgent getaway from the city life. Using only the finest organic ingredients in spa treatments, Vida Verde Spa fulfills the body's desire to unwind without worries. While the hustles of city life emit harmful chemicals and add stress to urbanites, Vida Verde Spa ensures that an unparalleled set of well-trained therapists will make guests feel the exquisite spa service like no other.

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Vida Verde Spa is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will complete the spa’s holistic approach to primp and pamper.
Melt away with an array of natural spa treatments and total body care packages that will revive and restore both the mind and the body.

    Dermatological Services

    Acne Treatment
    Cyst & Warts Removal
    Skin Peeling / Whitening
    Diamond Peeling
    Lymphatic Drainage
    RF Monopolar / Bipolar
    Laser Hair Removal
    IPL – Photorejuvenation
    Botox Treatment

    Cosmetic Services

    Nose Lifting
    Face Lifting
    Breast Augmentation
    Eyebag Removal
    Double-Eyelid Removal
    Varicose Vein Treatment
    Scar Revision
    Hair Transplant
    Medical Weight Loss Management

    Spa Services

    Therapeutic Massage
    Bamboo & Shell Massage
    Stone Massage
    European Facials & Backcials
    Body Scrubs
    Foot Spa
    Foot Reflex
    Hair Waxing
    Salon Services
    Gym Facilities